G.C. Malhotra

GCMJoined the Lok Sabha Secretariat in 1970; served in various capacities and associated with almost every area of the functioning of Parliament;

Deputy Secretary and Secretary-in-charge of entire legislative work of Delhi Metropolitan Council (Legislature of the then Union Territory of Delhi) – 1986-1990;

Secretary General, Lok Sabha and Lok Sabha Secretariat, 14 July 1999 – 31 July 2005; Equivalent in rank, pay and status to the Cabinet Secretary to the Government of India (the highest position held by a Civil Servant in the country).  

Secretary General, Indian Parliamentary Group (which is National Group of the IPU and India Branch of the CPA), 1999-2005;

Secretary General, Eighth General Assembly of Asia and Pacific Parliamentarians Conference on Environment and Development (APPCED), 1999-2000;

Special Advisor, Lok Sabha, 1 August 2005 – 31 October 2005; Equivalent in rank, pay and status to the Secretary General, Lok Sabha;

Presently (on retention basis), CPA’s Senior Parliamentary Staff Advisor to the People’s Majlis, Republic of Maldives, Male; and CIDA’s and GTZ’s Consultant to the House of People’s Representatives, Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia, Addis Ababa;